Dear Colleagues and Nurses,

We are glad to announce that the 20th National Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Congress with International Participation and the 16th Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Nursing Congress will be held in Antalya between 27-30 November 2024.
We have started our work for our congress, which will be organized for all physicians and nurses who are devoted to the field of pediatric emergency and intensive care, who work dedicatedly to ensure that critically ill children in our country receive better care and hold on to life with health, and we intend to be with you and discuss current information. We will have the opportunity to discuss current issues and innovations in the fields of pediatric emergency and intensive care with competent international and national speakers and various basic educational courses that will be of interest to you.

As Congress Co-Chairs, you can be sure that we will work with all our efforts to organize a scientifically fulfilling and socially unforgettable congress in line with your feedback and support. We look forward to seeing you among us in our congress, which we think that all participants will benefit a lot.

We wish to meet you all together in Antalya on November 27-30, 2024 with our program, the details of which we will share with you...

Sincerely Regards,

Prof. Dr. Okşan Derinöz Güleryüz
Congress Co-President
Prof. Dr. Tanıl Kendirli
Congress Co-President